GitHub links for Jira allow you to bring additional information about GitHub entities, like issues, pull requests, milestones, to Jira’s issue view page.

Github links for Jira application is available on the Atlassian Marketplace - It is developed by Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner - Move Work Forward.

How does it look?

On the right side of the issue view, you will see enriched GitHub links. GitHub links parsed out from Jira issue description, comments and custom fields.


If you want to use this App only with public repositories - you do NOT need any configuration. You only need to follow the next steps if you need to connect to your private organization.

Connect GitHub links for Confluence with your organisation

Important: Make sure that when you authorize our GitHub OAuth App to access your data you select the organization you want to use the App with.

Here is a short (25 seconds) demo video on where to make sure that GitHub links GitHub App is authorized to access your organization's data.

Please watch the video below and pay attention that the org access is given, not only personal.

Important: if you need to reconnect the GitHub links App with your organisation, please 1 - disconnect the App in the Confluence (go to the Configuration page) and 2 - delete access for our App on the GitHub side (in org settings).

If you forgot to grant permissions to required organization or you don’t have permissions to allow it and you need to request the access from your org owner. You can do this by going to User profile → Settings → Integrations → Applications → Authorized OAuth Apps and make sure there is a green tick (V) in front of your organization. See the picture below.

A. Navigate to the Jira Settings → Apps → Github Links → Settings page

B. Click on the "Connect" button and authenticate yourself and authorize the App to see your private organization.

When you allow GitHub App to access your data, please make sure that you grant permissions to your organization as well, not only your personal repositories.

Use with private repositories

To use the private repositories you need to follow the steps in the Configuration section above.

Create links from Github to Jira

This is a Github feature called Autolinks. Please check this video -

Use cases

Github links for Jira use cases can be found here - Github links for Jira use cases

Known issues

  • GitHub Enterprise is not supported at the moment.

  • We cannot get more fine-grained permissions for the Github Oauth token, due to restrictions from GitHub API.

Security and compliance

We do not store or read any of your code or user data. We only use GitHub APIs to enrich the link you inserted.

Get help

You can create a Jira Service Desk support request with all information you could gather, please include the screenshot of the configuration, links and time stamps.