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Secure Slack Jira Connector (Server and Data Center)

High-level configuration steps

  1. Create a Slack webhook url
    1. You can use our Jira Connector Slack App that has minimal required permissions to generate incoming webhook (incoming webhook permission only)
    2. Or you can use your own App to generate a webhook url. Please read official Slack documentation here.
  2. Generate a webhook url and copy
  3. Configuration Secure Slack Jira Connector using the url you just generated (please see more details below).

Navigate to the Configuration page

The global configuration page is in Administration → System → Email → Slack Connector

Generate a webhook url

You can generate a webhook url by installing our Slack App which is linked from the configuration page or use your own App. Our App has minimal permission and can only generate the webhook.

Setup the notifications

Setup projects and filters you'd love to apply to notifications.


If you have any issues, please enable debug level logging for this namespace "com.moveworkforward.jira.slack".

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