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How to add a Microsoft Azure DevOps wiki to a Confluence document

The how-to guide on how to add a Microsoft Azure DevOps wiki note to a Confluence document

Adding Azure DevOps wiki macro

You need to ensure the Query/Work Item/Project/Wiki can be accessed by the user who created the personal access token. And the read scope is provided. Talk to your Confluence admin if not sure.

This macro aims to embed a Microsoft Azure DevOps wiki note into a Confluence document.

Here is an example of how it looks.

To add a macro, copy the Microsoft Azure DevOps wiki URL first and add the Azure DevOps Wiki macro.

Copy the URL; it should be in the format.


If you are using Microsoft Azure DevOps running On-Premise, you need to make sure you are using the URL accessible from the Internet.

Start typing Azure and get the correct macro.


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