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Microsoft Teams Jira Connector

Microsoft Teams Jira Connector helps teams and organizations integrate Jira Software and Jira Service Desk with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector

Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector helps teams and organisations integrate Jira Software and Jira Service Desk with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Bitbucket Connector

Microsoft Teams Bitbucket Connector is the integration of Microsoft Teams and Bitbucket Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector

Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector is the integration between Microsoft Teams and Atlassian Bamboo

Bitbucket Post Webhook

Bitbucket Post Webhook helps integration Bitbucket Server and Data Center with Jenkins, Azure DevOps and custom logic that needs to react on the events in Bitbucket.

Slack integration with Bitbucket

Slack Bitbucket integration guides.

GitHub links

GitHub links for Jira and Confluence to increase visibility on the items in GitHub.

GitHub and GitLab Jira integration

Jigit - GitHab and GitLab integration with Jira Server and Data Center.

Azure DevOps Confluence Connector

Azure DevOps Confluence Connector provides integration between Azure DevOps and Atlassian Confluence Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Azure DevOps for Jira

Azure DevOps for Jira provides visibility on the Azure DevOps commits, builds, pull requests and deployment on the Jira view, deployments and releases screens.

Azure DevOps for Compass

Guides and documentation for Microsoft Azure DevOps for Compass integration.

Release notes for Compass

Release notes for Atlassian Compass helps you manage release notes of your components and subscribe to updates of the change logs.

Confluence Gitlab Connector

Confluence Gitlab Connector integrates Gitlab with Confluence

Slack Bamboo Integration

Slack Atlassian Bamboo integration.

Slack Jira Connector

Secure Slack Jira integration that enables team transparency and openness.

Cisco Teams Atlassian integrations

Cisco WebEx Teams integrations with Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo.

Microsoft Teams General Updates

Microsoft Teams General Updates

Launch Darkly links for Jira

Launch Darkly links for Jira Cloud

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