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Get Started guide for Confluence space administrators

Get started guide of Google Chat for Confluence integration for Confluence space administrators.

Setup first configuration

On the space level you can create the rules only for the current space.

After you installed the Google Chat Confluence integration app, navigate to Space Settings → Integrations → Google Chat.


Click on the Create button.

Create Google Chat Incoming Webhook

How to create Google Chat incoming webhook for Google Chat for Confluence Data Center integration

Add first configuration details


You can configure:

  • Filters - narrow down the messages received. You can get more specific messages.

  • Message configuration - don’t send additional fields into Google Chat. Makes the message pretty small.

  • View action setting - do not show the View button in the Google Chat message card.

  • Where to deliver - the Google Chat Incoming Webhook.

  • Information - the name to help you differentiate rules between each other.

Additional Settings


The only present setting permits the sending of notifications for View-restricted content in the following spaces.

Test the connectivity

You need to ensure the network connectivity between Confluence nodes to Google Chat services.

You may need to whitelist domain.



Please make sure that you have the latest App version, we fixed the issue pretty quickly and there is a chance that your problem has been fixed.

Debug mode

Enable the debug mode for a short period to see any errors, or warnings for debug information in the logs.

Download the support zip

You can send us the support zip which contains the log files. You can download it following this official Atlassian documentation.

Getting support

Help & Support Google Chat integration for Confluence


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