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Microsoft Teams connector apps webhook URL security improvement

MC234048, Stay Informed, Published date: 12 Jan 2021

Admin impact, User impact

Connectors support in Microsoft Teams is transitioning to a new webhook URL format to enhance security. In the future, connector webhook URLs will contain the name of the tenant in them.

Old URLs continue to work for now, but users will be prompted to re-create connectors.

When this will happen

We will begin transitioning to the new webhook URLs on Monday January 11, 2021; however, existing webhooks URLs will continue to work for three (3) months to allow for migration time.

What this means for your organization

We're transitioning to a new webhook URL format where is friendly short name for the tenant. Your organization can use to filter egress traffic”.

Users with a Teams connector app will see a prompt to migrate to the new webhook URL configuration on the Connectors configuration page.

Users who have configured connectors will need to undertake one of the following actions, depending on the type of connector:

  • Recreate the connection by removing and then re-configuring the connector

  • For incoming webhooks, first tap the Update URL button. Then copy-paste the new URL to the third party source that is consuming the URL.

  • After the new URL is generated, the “Update URL” button will disappear, and user will see a message stating that the URL is up-to-date.

How can I update the url?

Please watch this short video 

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