Release notes for Compass helps organizations and teams to create and communicate product updates. On the component page you can manage the release notes of the current component.


  • Find and filter release notes that belong to a component

  • Create release notes for a component that includes multiple categories and subsections

  • Review and filter release notes of any component (external components are coming)

  • Do not miss important updates by subscribing to notifications about new release notes to Slack or Microsoft Teams

Create release notes

Please navigate to the Release notes menu and press on the “Create release notes“ button.

After you have entered all the information, you need to use “Save & Publish“.

Subscribe to release notes notifications

If you want to subscribe to new release notes for a component, you can start the setup using the “Subscribe to updates“ button in the top right corner.

The below experience will be presented.

Using this dialogue, you can set up notifications about new release notes for your components.

In the period for notification, you can set up a schedule for when you want to receive the new release notes alert (Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly). Alternatively, you can get notified as soon as the new version is published.

As a destination, you can pick Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Email destination is coming soon.

Report bugs or feature suggestions

Please use our contact form to reach out.