Provide useful information on the Confluence page about Azure DevOps Work Items and Azure DevOps Queries.

Support functionality

  • Provide rich information about Azure DevOps work items on the Confluence page.

  • Provide rich information about the results of Azure DevOps saved search queries. You can also display only the result item count or the top N items.




Work items

Search queries

You can use the query link and parameterize the results.

You can copy the URL from a couple of places:

  1. From the queries list.

2. When the query is opened you can copy the url.

The result may look like this.


Getting the personal access token

You need to navigate to the Personal Access Tokens page in Azure DevOps.

Create a new personal access token with minimal scope. Currently, Apps need the token to read work items information only.


Navigate to System → Azure DevOps and enter your personal access token.

How to generate personal access token (PAT)

Please follow this official guide from Microsoft.


Navigate to System → Azure DevOps and click Disconnect.


How to get debug logs for the Azure DevOps links App

Enable the debug mode for the namespace com.moveworkforward

Here is the video on how to do this - https://www.loom.com/share/dbee646231ef4306b15cb6617cdee8cd