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How to fix the "no valid token" message?

No Valid Token message

It is possible when a Confluence user inserts an Azure DevOps Confluence entity link; they get the error message No valid token.

This can indicate one of the following issues:

  • The Microsoft Azure DevOps Confluence application was not set up, so there is no personal access token set in the Global Configuration;

  • The token used does not have the required permissions or scopes to access the data used in the macro. Another related option is that the token has a scope of the organization that is not used in the macro;

  • the Azure DevOps personal access token is expired.


There are 2 potential actions:

  • ensure the valid URL used in the macro that should be covered by configurated Azure DevOps Personal Access Token;

  • ensure the Confluence administrator has configured the application using the valid Azure DevOps Personal Access Token.

If you are not a Confluence administrator, please share this page with your Confluence administrator.



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