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Bitbucket Post Webhook helps integrate Bitbucket Server or Data Center with external systems like Jenkins, Azure DevOps or other build, deployment or integration systems.


Bitbucket Post Webhook main guide

Bitbucket Post Webhook sends data to external systems like Jenkins, Azure DevOps and other systems that should be triggered from outside.

Azure DevOps Pipeline Bitbucket integration demo

You can trigger Microsoft Azure DevOps pipelines Cloud and Server from Bitbucket Server or Data Center.

Azure DevOps Pipeline trigger from Bitbucket Server

Demo You can trigger Microsoft Azure DevOps pipelines Cloud and Server from Bitbucket Server or Data Center. Setu...

Atlassian Bitbucket Post Webhook API

This document contains API description for Post Webhooks for Bitbucket, the main documentation is here. Get existing post webhooks for a specified project UR...

Bitbucket Post Webhook - Mutual TLS

Bitbucket Post Webhooks supports mutual TLS and in this article you can find more details on how to set it up.

Post Webhooks for Bitbucket outgoing API

Last updated: 27 Jul 2020 Outgoing API Post Webhooks for Bitbucket sends data outside in the following format. The API may differ slightly depending on the v...

Bitbucket Post Webhook FAQs

Bitbucket Post Webhook Frequently Asked Questions

Bitbucket RepositoryMovedException

How to get rid of RepositoryMovedException for moved, rename or deleted repositories.

Bitbucket Post Webhook rerun migration

Available only to admins. If you are migrating from an old version (below 2.4) and face an issue during migration it is possible to rerun the migration, or d...

Bitbucket Post Webhook: How to get configurations?

API 2.5.3 and lower versions Prior to version 3.5.5 configurations exist only at the repository level and there is no API to get all available configurations...

Release notes of Post Webhooks for Bitbucket

Your feedback is very welcome, please do not hesitate to reach out at 3.28.28 Date: 28 Apr 2022 Notable improvements are: Security...

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