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How to delete duplicated items in Post Webhooks for Bitbucket

A guide on how to delete duplicated items in Post Webhooks for Bitbucket

Search duplications

As a global Bitbucket admin, navigate to the System settings → Post webhooks → Maintainance → Duplications.

There you can define the attributes to compare, the page size and filter by the Bitbucket project and repository.

After you enter your filters, press the button “Search duplications“.

For each entry, you can see how many duplicates exist. Check the column “Duplications count“.

We recommend using the following attributes:

  • URL

  • events

  • Project

  • Repository

Delete duplications

After you find your duplicates, select the row(s) by using the checkbox in the first column and press the main delete button or the delete button in each row. This operation will delete all duplicates and leave 1 rule.

The leave the last updated active rule.


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