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Provide brief code review

Conducting code reviews straight on Jira’s issue view page with embedded GitHub files helps improve code quality, foster knowledge sharing, encourage collaboration and facilitate continuous integration,

Displaying Github files directly on Jira’s issue view page:

  • allows developers, testers, and other stakeholders to review the code, provide feedback, and engage in discussions;

  • you can seamlessly integrate the review process with the project management workflow, which allows you to keep all relevant information and discussions in one centralized location, making it easier for the development team to track and manage code changes;

  • enables reviewers to understand the specific task or user story associated with the code changes, providing insight into the purpose and requirements behind the code.

Demo video of use cases and usage examples

Pull request information

Github files embedding

You can also expand the file by checking on the “arrow” button.

Suggest a new use case

You can create a Jira Service Desk feature request for Github links for the Jira application.


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