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Show the result of work done

Presenting the result of work done with detailed info about GitHub entities enhances transparency, provides concrete evidence, facilitates decision making, supports discussions, promotes knowledge sharing, and enhances collaboration.

Displaying detailed info about GitHub entities directly on Jira’s issue view page:

  • provides a transparent view of the work completed, so stakeholders and team members can see the actual code changes, pull requests, and issues related to the project;

  • makes the information more accessible and understandable;

  • serves as a reference point for discussions during presentations, it allows team members to refer to specific code changes, pull requests, or issues when discussing achievements, challenges, or future plans.

Demo video of use cases and usage examples

  1. All use cases presented bellow use public links so that you can reproduce them straight away without any app configuration.

  2. The links contain githAb instead of githUb in order to not auto-convert them into the macros.

Pull request information

Readme embedding

You can also keep the file open by checking the “Do you want to see extended information about the link“ checkbox.

Issue information

The list of the latest pull requests

The list of the latest issues

User and organization information

Milestone information

Release information

The latest release details

The list of the latest releases

Suggest a new use case

You can create a Jira Service Desk feature request for Github links for the Jira application.


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