Atlassian Bamboo Data Center is supported. Please check Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector on the Atlassian Marketplace.

You can read more about connecting Bamboo and Microsoft Teams at Move Work Forward.

The App is available at Atlassian Marketplace - Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the frequently asked questions on the Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector product page.


Go to the Microsoft Teams channel configuration and add an Incoming webhook connector.

microsoft teams bamboo connector add connector

Find Incoming Webhook and add it.

microsoft teams bamboo connector add connector

Put the name as Bamboo and set the Bamboo logo.

Save the configuration that will generate the webhook URL. Copy it to the clipboard and save the Incoming Webhook.

Bamboo Build Plan configuration

Navigate in Bamboo to the build plan you want to receive notifications from.

Go to the Notifications tab.

After you add the notification setting you should see the screen below.

From now on your channel in Microsoft Teams will get notified and you should see something similar.

Bamboo Build Task configuration

Another option is to use Atlassian Bamboo build tasks to notify Microsoft Teams channels about particular events. You can also use all Bamboo variables inside the message.

The resulting message may look similar to the following.



Please make sure that you have the latest App version, we fix issues pretty quickly and there is a chance that your problem had been fixed.

Debug mode

Go to Bamboo administration > System -> Log settings. Then add the app key (see table below) for "Classpath" and choose DEBUG as "Type". You should then see log messages of the app with severity DEBUG either in your Bamboo Server log (BAMBOO_HOME/logs/atlassian-bamboo.log) or in the Remote Agent server log.

The app namespace is com.moveworkforward.bamboo.microsoftteams.notifier

The additional guide from Atlassian.

Download the support zip

You can send us the support zip which contains the log files. You can download it following this official Atlassian documentation.

Getting help

You can create a Jira Service Desk support request with all information you could gather, please include the screenshot of the configuration (please don't worry about the webhook URLs, we won't store or use them) and the logs or errors you could find in the browser or on the server-side.