Guides on how to setup and use Microsoft Teams Jira Connector with the companion Microsoft Teams Bot/Application.


Increase team productivity by tightly integrating Microsoft Teams and Atlassian's Jira. With this integration, you can streamline your day to day work.

You will save time by not jumping back and forth between Jira and Microsoft Teams. With notifications, tabs, search, and interactive cards, you can move work forward with ease.

To sum up:

  • save time

  • help others

  • increase productivity

  • do not miss important information

  • reduce notifications noise by using multiple filters and rules to narrow down notifications

  • get only what you care about


Notifications, customisable messages and interactive cards

In this 2-minute demo you can see how to setup notifications rules, configure multiple filters, notification destination. Afterwards, your team can easily interact with cards.

Discussion channels

In this short video you can see a demo on how to create an issue discussion channel from Jira and come back to it later.

Search and link enrichment

Watch this short video on how to use search functionality with Microsoft Teams Jira Connector.


Watch this 1-minute video on how to use tabs.


Tenant mapping

Please watch this short video demo on how to connect Jira and Microsoft Teams.

User account mapping

Please watch this short video demo on how to link Jira and Microsoft Teams user accounts.

Additional resources