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Short guide on how to setup Microsoft Teams Jira Connector

Below you will find a list of steps that need to be done before you and your team can properly use Microsoft Teams Bot with Jira.

  1. Jira Admin: Install Microsoft Teams Jira Connector Jira App.

  2. Microsoft Teams Admin: Install Move Work Forward with Jira Microsoft Teams App. More details are here Install Move Work Forward with Jira into Microsoft Teams team

  3. Microsoft Teams Admin: Add app to the necessary Microsoft Teams teams.

  4. Jira admin: Open Global configuration of Microsoft Teams Jira App and copy that Bot connection-token.

  5. Jira Admin: in 1-on-1 conversation with Move Work Forward with Jira Bot type connect jira. Paste the bot connection-token in the text field.

  6. Jira Admin: press on the Connect button and after the login in Jira press Connect accounts button. The message in Microsoft Teams should change to confirm that connectivity. This operation connects Microsoft Teams tenant with Jira tenant AND connects Microsoft Teams and Atlassian accounts.

  7. Microsoft Teams Admin: needs to consent for the App to allow it creates issue discussion channels and read installed teams app. This can be done in 2 ways: type consent to the Bot or find a link in the configuration in Jira.

  8. Non-admin users: Need to type connect in the 1-on-1 chat with the Microsoft Teams bot. We are working on streamlining this operation, but we need to understand who is Microsoft Teams user in Jira to be able to act on his/her behalf.


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