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How different Azure DevOps for Jira from Move Work Forward and Atlassian

Outline how Azure DevOps for Jira from Move Work Forward differs from Azure DevOps for Jira (Official) by Atlassian

The simple table comparison of Azure DevOps for Jira integrations for Software Development scenarios.


Azure DevOps for Jira by Move Work Forward

Azure DevOps for Jira (Official) by Atlassian

Smart commits

Feature branches

Create branch from the issue view screen


Pull requests

Builds pipelines

Releases and deployments

Builds and deployments for GitHub hosted repositories

Jira automation

❌ (Only for builds and deployments)

Azure DevOps On-Premise / TFS support

Azure DevOps work item syncs to Jira issues

Coming soon

Data backfill

Coming soon (Q2 2024)

Jira Data Center support

with Jigit

Dedicated support team

❌ (Shared with other Atlassian products)

Cloud fortified

Bug bounty

SOC 2 Type II compliant

600+ customers

Stellar customer reviews


Very powerful app that increases productivity and transparency of your team

Promising, free and limited application


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