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How to create Microsoft Azure DevOps personal access token

In this short guide you will find how to create Microsoft Azure DevOps personal access token to integrate Jira Software with Azure DevOps.

Ensure that the user who will be creating the token is the Project administrator.

Edit Subscriptions and View subscriptions permissions are required.

Check out this Microsoft guide.

The following steps will help you create a new Personal Access Token:

  1. Navigate to the User Settings in the right corner of the navigation menu.

  2. From the drop-down select Personal Access Tokens.

  3. Click on the New Token button and generate a new personal access token with the following parameters:

    1. Organization: All accessible organizations or grant access to the particular Azure DevOps organisation.

    2. Scope: read to the Code, Build and Release.

  1. Click on Create, copy the token, and store it in a secure location. It will not be displayed again for your security.

Once we get the Personal Access Token we can proceed with connecting Jira and Azure DevOps instances by clicking on Integrate with Azure DevOps.



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