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How to track Azure DevOps Pipelines in Jira if the code is hosted in GitHub?

This guide is essential for development teams using GitHub for source code and Azure Pipelines for CI/CD.

Make sure you have established the integration between Azure DevOps pipelines and GitHub repositories to automate your workflow.

To see build or deployment information linked to a particular Jira issue, a GitHub commit associated with the Azure DevOps pipeline must contain the Jira issue key.

Follow this step-by-step guide to include the Jira issue key to the commit message in GitHub:

  1. Go to your GitHub repository where you want to make changes. Open the file you want to modify.

  2. Click on the pencil icon (Edit this file) to start making changes to the file's content.

  3. Make the necessary changes and click on Commit changes.

  4. In the Commit changes section, copy the Jira issue key to the commit message. How to find Jira issue key?

  5. Click on the Commit changes again to save.

  6. When the Azure DevOps pipeline is triggered by specific changes in GitHub, you’ll see all the details on the Jira issue development or release panel.


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