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Slack integration with Bitbucket Home

Slack integration for Bitbucket Server and Data Center provides you additional visibility in Slack on Bitbucket events like - Pull requests changes, Build Status updates, etc.


Slack notifications for Bitbucket

Slack notifications from Bitbucket Server or Data Center user guide.

Slack notifications from Bitbucket project level guide

Elevate collaboration with our guide on enabling Slack notifications from Bitbucket at the project level. Streamline workflows effortlessly for efficient communication.

Slack notifications from Bitbucket repository level guide

Learn how to set up Slack notifications from Bitbucket at the repository level. Streamline communication for efficient workflows with our detailed guide.

REST APIs for Slack notifications for Bitbucket app

The REST APIs are primary for the internal use and can be changed without notice.

Slack integration with Bitbucket FAQs

Slack integration with Bitbucket Frequently Asked Questions

Use Slack App to thread pull request messages

Summary Below you will find the details on how to create a simple Slack App that permits Slack notifications for Bitbucket App to create threads for each pul...

Release notes of Slack Bitbucket notifier

5.06.29 Date: 29 Jun 2022 Notable improvements are: Improvement: Bitbucket 8 support. 3.30.24 Date: 24 Jun 2022 Notable improvements are: Improvement: Update...

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