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How to create and configure an Azure DevOps Releases Link macro?

This macro allows you to embed a link to the Azure DevOps Releases page directly within a Confluence page. This provides a convenient way for users to navigate directly to the Releases section in Azure DevOps and access information related to releases, deployment history, and associated artefacts.

Create Azure DevOps Releases Link macro

Make sure the application is configured by your Confluence administrator first.

Here is the guide for the Confluence administrator.

We provide 2 convenient ways to create the Azure DevOps Releases Link macro:

  1. Copy and Paste a link to Azure DevOps entities to the Confluence page directly.

  2. Use the editor menu on the top (click on the + button) to reach the Azure DevOps Releases Link macro. To make your search easier type the first letters of the macro name.

Examples of links to the Azure DevOps Releases page


Macro configuration

  1. Enter the link to the Azure DevOps releases page in the macro modal window.

  2. The preview option allows you to verify and validate the macro view before actually inserting the macro into your Confluence page.

  3. Change the items count which provides flexibility and control over the number of releases displayed in the embedded link on the Confluence page.

  4. Click on the Safe button to insert the macro into your Confluence page.

The feature of changing the items count is available since 1.21.12

View on the Confluence page


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