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How to restrict spaces that can use Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector?

On the Global Configuration page, Confluence admin can restrict spaces that can use Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector.

By restricting the integration to specific Confluence spaces, you ensure that only relevant content is shared with Microsoft Teams, you can prevent accidental sharing of sensitive content with Microsoft Teams channels, ensuring that privacy and security protocols are maintained.

The following steps help you select spaces that can use Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector:

  1. On the global navigation menu click on Apps and select Manage Apps section.

  2. Find our app in the user-installed apps list or click on Microsoft Teams in the left-hand sidebar.

  3. On the Global configuration page go to Global settings tab.

  4. Select the list of spaces you need and click on Save settings and rules.

Also, the Confluence admin can disable space-level settings for all spaces using the toggle Allow configuration in space settings.

Integration set up by Confluence admin

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels


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