Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector provides one-way integration from Confluence to Microsoft Teams. It is much more secure and robust integration.

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Main features

  • Notification to a Microsoft Teams channel about updates to the content in Confluence.
  • Ability to filter received notification by the event trigger, space, authors, users, labels, path, url, etc.
  • Support of global, space, page and user level configurations.
  • Global settings to control which Spaces can use Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector.
  • If something is missing please let us know via our Support Service Desk.
  • Coming soon: Microsoft Teams App that allows commands, searches, link unfurls, etc. →  Advanced Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector for Confluence Cloud

Global configuration

Global configuration for Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector accessible at the main Confluence Settings section.

When you start you will not have any rules configured.

Go ahead and click "Add rule", you will be navigated to the window where you can setup triggers, filters and actions for a particular rule.

There are multiple triggers available - you can get notified when a page is created or updated, comment changed or a new interesting blog post is created in a particular space.

Afterwards you can narrow down your notifications by applying some filters.

For instance, you can include or exclude particular spaces, users, labels or apply a url filter.

When you are done with the filters you can name the rule and insert Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook url.

Important: for every change do not forget to press "Save" button as rules do not auto-save.

When the rule is saved it can be viewed in the list of the Global and Space specific rules. Space specific rules are configured in the Space Settings section.

Additionally, in the Global Configuration you can restrict the spaces that can use Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector.

Space Configuration

In the Space Settings (Integrations → Microsoft Teams Connector) you can find Space specific rules only. As a consequence, there are space filters in the Space Settings, as all rules here apply to a particular space only.

Content Configuration

Do you want to get notified when a particular page changed or commented? Maybe it is your blog post?

Go to the page you want to receive notifications from, use the top right menu and select there Microsoft Teams Notifications.

This action will trigger a content configuration dialog where you can setup a rule for this page.

How to configure Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook url

Go to the Microsoft Teams channel configuration and add a connector.

microsoft teams Jira connector add connector

Find Incoming Webhook and add one. Put the name as Confluence and set the Confluence logo.

Set the name and the icon of the Connector.

Copy the webhook URL that will be used later on during the configuration process.

Below is the icon you can use for the Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook.

Difference between Lite and Pro

  • Lite version currently has a limit of 100 Microsoft Teams messages sent per month. If you need a higher limit please contact us.

How to migrate Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector Lite to Pro

There are 3 simple steps:

  • Start the Free trial of Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector Pro
  • Migrate data from Lite to Pro in the Global configuration page. The black button like this.
  • Uninstall the Free version or you will have 2 versions running in parallel which will make you different problems (double menu entries, double notifications etc).

If you need help please contact us.



Please make sure that you have the latest App version, we fix issue pretty quickly and there is a chance that your problem had been fixed.

Get help

You can create a Jira Service Desk support request with all information you could gather, please include the screenshot of the configuration (please don't worry about the webhook urls, we won't store or use them) and the logs or errors you could find in the browser or on the server side.