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Connect Jira with Microsoft Teams

This is necessary to enable 2-way integration between Jira and Microsoft Teams for Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector app.

2-way integration provides data flow in both directions. Your team not only can receive data in Microsoft Teams from Jira, but also send data to Jira from Microsoft Teams.

If your team is going to use only 1-way integration and set up notifications with Incoming Webhook URLs please skip this step and proceed direcrly to notifications set up.

Getting benefits from 2-way integration requires:

  1. Install the companion app Move Work Forward with Jira in Microsoft Teams (Microsoft AppSource app).

  2. Connection of the Jira instance with Microsoft Teams organisation. Let’s call it tenant mapping.

Install our companion app in Teams

  1. The Jira administrator needs to open Microsoft Teams and search for the Move Work Forward with Jira in the Apps section (or follow the link).

  2. Click on Open/Add to open a 1-on-1 chat with the bot.

  3. After you will receive the welcome message as a confirmation of the successful app addition to your Microsoft Teams chat.

Tenant mapping

  1. Go back to Jira. On the Global Configuration page find and go to Bot Settings tab.

  2. Click on Register your Jira Server URL and copy Bot Connection Token (for example, js-36f6975d-ba52-4acb-bef3-2c274e61aa02)

  3. Open a 1-on-1 chat with our bot in Microsoft Teams and enter connect jira command. After you should receive the card with the title Connect Microsoft Teams to Jira.

  4. Insert the Bot Connection Token into the input field on the card and click on Connect Jira button.

  5. You will be redirected to your Jira instance where you need to click the Connect accounts button.

  6. When this is done the card below should update to the confirmation one.

When the tenants are mapped, any Microsoft Teams user can connect their account to the corresponding Atlassian Jira account. They need to use the connect command in 1-on-1 chat with the bot in Microsoft Teams.

The quick demo below demonstrates in detail the tenant mapping process.

Consent permissions

Before the bot can be fully used, the Microsoft Teams admin needs to do the APIs scope consent for the bot. To kick it off, the Microsoft Teams administrator needs:

  1. Type consent in a 1-on-1 conversation with Move Work Forward with Jira bot or simply follow this link:

  1. Press Consent button and accept permissions.

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channel

Personal notifications to 1-on-1 chat in Teams

Sharing Jira issues details in Teams

Jira tab in Microsoft teams


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