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How to resolve Jira and Microsoft Teams connection issues?

There is a list of reasons why the Microsoft Teams Jira bot cannot reach your server or Data Centre Jira instance.

There are network issues

For instance, your internal (accessed from the corporate network or VPN) domain is different to the one used to access Jira from the Internet.


You need to enter the internet-accessible URL when you register your Jira tenant.

If you have firewall restrictions, please allow access to your Jira from * (

App link in Jira was deleted

The App Link in Jira was deleted after the registration, which invalidated the keys used to access and encrypt communication with the Bot.


You need to register the Jira tenant again.

Using the old version of the app

Your Jira does not have the latest version of the Microsoft Teams Jira Connector App.


Please update to the latest version.

Microsoft Teams and Jira accounts are not connected

The Microsoft Teams user who tries to access the Jira was not mapped to the corresponding Jira user, as a result, the Microsoft Teams bot does not have all the required information to access Jira on behalf of the user.


Follow this guide to connect Microsoft Teams and Jira personal accounts.

Error on the Bot side

The integration bot, which serves as the intermediary between Jira and Microsoft Teams, encounters an error while attempting to perform a task or retrieve information from one of the platforms.


Please retry the operation or contact the Move Work Forward support team.


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