Find out more about Microsoft Teams alerts for Jira Server and Data Center


Alerts help you and your team move work forward by alerting/reminding to do something. For instance, you may need to log the time, transition an issue or do something else.

Alert types

Issues not transitioned for X days

Get notified when an issue was not moved or becomes stale.

  • Update stale items. Do not forget anymore to update or re-assign tasks

  • Help your colleague. Assist a person how straggle to push work forward.

  • Look professional. Keep your task in the correct status.

If you need a new alert type please let us know.


You start by navigating to Alerts tab and clicking Create button in Project or Global settings.

Afterwards you select an alert type.

When you picked the alert type you need to configure the alerts filters, settings, general info and destination (where to deliver it).

You can test the configuration by clicking the Test button at the bottom of the dialogue.

When you save an alert it gets to check the conditions when you specified.

Disallow alerts

Jira system administrators can disallow reports or alerts in the settings.


Please refer to this page about troubleshooting and getting help on this page.