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Global settings

After app installation, Jira admin can carry out the default settings for all users and projects across the entire Jira instance. Open the Settings tab on the Global Configuration page of Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector app.

Enable integration for specific Jira projects

Jira admin can restrict projects that can use Microsoft Teams Jira Connector to ensure that only relevant content is shared with Microsoft Teams, you can prevent accidental sharing of sensitive information with Microsoft Teams channels, ensuring that privacy and security protocols are maintained.

Allow Microsoft Teams Jira Connector - this selector allows administrators to specify which projects are permitted to use the Microsoft Teams Jira Connector.

Disallow Microsoft Teams Jira Connector - allows administrators to specify which projects are not allowed to use the Microsoft Teams Jira Connector.


Incoming Webhook URLs Management

On the Webhook URLs Management tab, users can save incoming webhook URLs for the Microsoft Teams channel after they have been configured. This means that once a webhook is set up and configured, the URL associated with it can be saved for future use. This helps avoid the need to configure a new webhook each time for the particular Microsoft Teams channel and ensures consistency in the integration settings.


Allow only managed URLs - enable the use of only saved Incoming Webhook URLs by the global and projects administrators, users won’t be able to enter Incoming Webhook URLs during the notification creation.

It is a recommended setting because it enables elevated security and control of where the data can be sent.

Allow managed URLs - enable the use of managed (saved) Incoming Webhook URLs during the notification creation (enabled by default). By disabling you can restrict the using saved Incoming Webhook URLs, otherwise, users will be able to enter the Webhook URL during the notification rule creation.

Excluded users - allows administrators to specify a list of users who are excluded from creating and managing incoming webhook URLs.

This might be useful if certain users or roles should not have access to this feature due to security or organizational reasons.

Excluded projects - when projects are excluded, it means that the managed incoming webhook URLs cannot be used in those specific projects

URL mask - specify in this section the URL mask that is used to validate all new URLs. We recommend it to correspond to your Microsoft tenant name in the following format -*, where moveworkforward is the Microsoft Teams tenant.

Audit trail

Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector provides two kinds of audit trails:

  • Audit trail for the messages sent by the app; it is ephemeral, which means it shows only the last 100 messages and they are kept in the memory only. It is used to debug issues and questions.

  • Audit trail for the application settings helps the admins see who has done what changes and it integrates with Jira's audit trail.


Disallow events

Global admins can disallow the particular events or actions that can trigger the notifications on project, issue and personal levels. They are available on Events drop-down (the notification rule creation flow).


Disallow reports or alerts

Global admins can disallow (hide) particular types of reports or alerts.


Do not send notifications on the bulk update

In the global settings, the admins can enable a setting that will permit to NOT send the notifications during the Bulk Change when the “Not send email notifications“ is used.

Microsoft Teams cards settings

Show View button setting allows to enable View action button on the notification card. By clicking on this button you will be navigated to the updated Jira issue.


Issue view visibility

Here you can enable notifications configuration on Jira issue level.


Bot settings

Here you can enable/disable 2-way integration for receiving notifications within Microsoft Teams.

Also, here you can register your Jira URL and copy Bot connection token to connect Jira instance with Microsoft Teams.


Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channel

Scheduled reports and alerts

Admin events notifications

Webhook URLs Management

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