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Scheduled reports and alerts

Receive alerts and scheduled reports about issues in status, not transitioned issues, project reports and many more with Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector.

App settings

Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector allows set-up alerts and scheduled reports to be sent to Microsoft Teams channels on 2 settings levels: project and global.


To set up alerts or scheduled reports you have to create a notification rule which allows you to configure specific conditions or triggers for receiving notifications.

To set up alerts or scheduled reports sent to the Microsoft Teams channels:

  1. Go to app settings on a level which meets your needs.

  2. On the Alerts/Reports tab click on Create.

  3. Select the Alerts/Reports type which suits your needs best.

  4. Specify the Microsoft Teams channel, report parameters and necessary filters.

  5. You can receive an alert/report sample to the Microsoft Teams channel by clicking on Test button.

  6. Click on Save.

Below you can find a short definition of sections you can specify. Depending on the alert/report type the list of filters and parameters in each section may be different.



Where to deliver

this parameter defines the delivery channels where notifications will be sent.

Multiple destinations support is available only for alerts (since 7.11.08)

  • Incoming Webhook URL (1-way integration) - to receive notifications you have to generate a Webhook URL for a particular Microsoft Teams channel. How to create Incoming Webhook URL?

  • Use managed URL enables you to select saved before Webhook URL (Webhook URL management tab on Global and Project levels).

When to deliver

users can define the timing (inc. time zone) and frequency of delivery for the alerts or reports.


allows users to define specific criteria or conditions that trigger the alerts or reports. Users can set up filters based on issue types, statuses, priorities, users, labels or any other relevant parameters.

Definition of the most common filters you can find here.


users can specify essential details about the alert or report, including its name and the owner responsible for its creation and management


additional configuration options and settings related to the delivery and behaviour of the alerts or reports.

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channel

Personal notifications to 1-on-1 chat in Teams

Admin events notifications

Webhook URLs Management



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