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Get started for Jira administrators

Get started guide for Azure DevOps for Jira for Jira administrators


If you are not a Jira administrator, you need to pass this guide to the Jira administrator and follow the Get Started guide for the end-user.

Getting the personal access token from Azure DevOps

You can follow how to create a Personal Access Token in Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Connect Azure DevOps to Jira

Here's a quick guide to integrating Microsoft Azure DevOps with Atlassian Jira.

  1. Go to the Explore More Apps section, and install the Azure DevOps For Jira app.

  1. Move to the Azure DevOps For Jira app and click on Configure.

  2. Put in the generated personal access token (PAT).

  3. Once the personal access token is saved, proceed to the creation association.

  4. Click on the Create blue button to select the Azure DevOps organization and the project to pull the data from (you can do this operation multiple times - once for each Azure DevOps project).

Azure DevOps for Jira supports Azure DevOps Cloud and On-Premises so you can enjoy the app regardless of your host.

How to integrate Azure DevOps and Confluence?

Check out the Azure DevOps Confluence Connector Atlassian Marketplace application.


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