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How to connect one Azure DevOps organization?

You can set up integration between Jira and Azure DevOps using token which has access only to one Azure DevOps organisation.

  1. Generate a token with a specified Azure DevOps organisation name. Follow this guide.

  2. Go to app settings and click on Integrate With Azure DevOps.

  3. Provide the generated personal access token (PAT). Click on Save to initiate token validation.

  4. Enter Azure DevOps organisation name.

  5. Specify the token expiration date (to get notified about token expiry) and integration name. Click on Save.

  6. If you enter the incorrect organisation name you will be prompted about that. Put the correct name and try to save the integration again.

  7. Once the integration is saved, proceed to the associations' creation to connect Azure DevOps projects.


    More information here Get started for Jira administrators.



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