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Get started guide for Confluence administrator

Get started guide for Microsoft Azure DevOps for Confluence Cloud administrator.


If you are not a Confluence administrator, you need to pass this guide to the Confluence administrator and follow the Get Started guide for the end-user.

Getting the personal access token from Azure DevOps

You can follow How to create Microsoft Azure DevOps personal access token


For security reasons, the Confluence administrator can change everything at once only, no partial changes available.

  1. Copy and Paste your Azure DevOps base URL (it could be an On-Premise URL, but it should be accessible from the Internet). In the below example, you can see the base URL, which starts with, followed by the organization. You can have multiple domains supported.

  2. Navigate to Settings → Azure DevOps.

  3. Follow these instructions to add a new Azure DevOps integration → How to setup Azure DevOps integration with Confluence Cloud

Potential use case

Please review Use cases

Integrate Azure DevOps with Jira

If you are looking at how to bring Azure DevOps commits, builds, branches and deployment information to the Jira issue screen - check out Azure DevOps for Jira Atlassian Marketplace application.


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