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How to setup Azure DevOps integration with Confluence Cloud

Configure Azure DevOps Confluence integration in a few click. Read how.

This configuration can be done on the Global (Confluence admins) or Space (space admins) levels.

Space admin can override the global settings on the space level.

Create personal access token (PAT) for Azure DevOps integration

How to create Microsoft Azure DevOps personal access token

Set up Azure DevOps integration

To set up Azure DevOps integration with a concrete Confluence space or on a global level, please follow these steps.

  1. Start with the Integrate with Azure DevOps button.

  2. When you create the new Azure DevOps integration, insert your read-only Azure DevOps PAT

  3. Don’t forget to enter your Azure DevOps domain. For the SaaS offering from Microsoft please use

  4. You can enter the organization name if you want to:

    1. Limit integration access to one particular organisation if PAT is created with all organisation's access;

    2. When PAT provides access to only one organisation ;

    3. Leave empty if you use PAT which provides access to all organisations and wish to use all organisations for integration.

  5. Enter the integration name that will help you find the right integration. It is used like a label.

  6. Feel free to use the “Test connection“ functionality to ensure your PAT has the right access to the Azure DevOps work items you want to use it with.

When the configuration is saved you can configure the fields in the “Fields configurations“ tab.

Test connection

You can test your configuration by clicking the “Test connection“ button in the footer of the dialog.

Afterwards, the optional tester will check that you can access a particular project in the Azure DevOps organisation.

Click “Back to integration settings“ if you want to change the integration settings.

You can press “Save“ independently of the results of connectivity checks

Configure Azure DevOps work item display fields

In the “Fields configurations “ tab you can change the displayed work item fields. These configurations are used in work items and shared search query macro.

It is best to configure fields by inserting a real work item URL that helps to pull the available Azure DevOps work item fields and helps with the preview.

You can drag and drop fields in the Fields input to change their order.

If you are happy with the fields proposed you can save the settings by clicking the “Save“ button.

The field configuration is applied on Azure DevOps organization and Azure DevOps project level and it is not linked/related to a Confluence space. This implies that the same field configuration will be used where the work item is used.

This may look like this


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