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Microsoft Teams Bitbucket Connector for Bitbucket Cloud repository configuration

The guide for Microsoft Teams Bitbucket Connector for Bitbucket Cloud repository level configuration.

If you enter configuration, press Save and it disappears - pls check How to re-authorize Bitbucket cloud Marketplace app



  • Repository-specific notifications from Bitbucket Cloud to Microsoft Teams

  • Filtering of the messages depending on the Bitbucket Cloud event and destination branch.

It is technically impossible to add project-level configurations because Bitbucket Cloud does not provide the required integration points and APIs.


After you have installed the App from the Marketplace you need to navigate to Repository → Settings → Microsoft Teams Bitbucket Connector → Settings

Create Incoming Webhook in Microsoft Teams.

Go to the Microsoft Teams channel configuration and add a connector.

microsoft teams Jira connector add connector

Find Incoming Webhook and add one. Put the name as Bitbucket and set the Bitbucket logo.

Set the name and the icon of the Connector.

Copy the webhook URL that will be used later on during the configuration process.

There you can specify where and when you would like to receive notifications.

Branch filters

You can filter events by branch using the destination branch filter.

The Destination Branch Filter is a JavaScript regular expression that is applied on the branch where the event was triggered (if the branch is present).

For instance, master, issue\/DEV\-, tag\-.

Note: due to Bitbucket API limitations this filter does NOT work for Deployment completed event.


If you have any problems with the App or have feature requests please do not hesitate to contact us.


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