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How to connect/disconnect Confluence and Microsoft Teams accounts?

Accounts connection

Connecting Confluence and Microsoft Teams accounts through an integration offers several benefits:

  • receive personal notifications about Confluence content updates;

  • comment on Confluence content from Microsoft Teams;

  • search and share Confluence content in Teams chats and channels.

Accounts connection performed by Confluence administrator leads to a connection of entire Confluence instance with Microsoft Teams organisation (so-called, tenant mapping) to enable 2-way integration for all team members. More details here.

Accounts connection requires following 2 simple steps:

  1. Interactions with our companion app Confluence Connector in Microsoft Teams by a particular user who wants to connect accounts. You can Add/Open it to personal chat or Add it to a team.

  2. Login to Microsoft Teams from Confluence. We provided the button Log in to Microsoft Teams on each level of app settings: personal, content, space, global (for Confluence Administrators).

On content, space, global levels Log in to Microsoft Teams button is available only before you create your first notification rule. Also you can Log in straight from rule creation modal window (Where to notify section).

These steps can be performed in random order and accounts connection should be confirmed my sending an info message to 1-1 chat with the bot.

Accounts disconnection

  1. Go to Personal Settings: click on your user avatar and pick Microsoft Teams in the menu.

  2. Move down and click on Disconnect Microsoft Teams account. Once your accounts have been disconnected you will receive the confirmation message to 1-1 chat with the bot.

Integration set up by Confluence admin

Personal notifications

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels

Sharing Confluence content in Teams


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