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About Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector

Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector integrates Jira with Microsoft Teams. This integration was designed to enhance collaboration and productivity by providing seamless communication and information sharing between Jira and Microsoft Teams.

The connector enables to:

  • track and manage Jira issues from Microsoft Teams;

  • receive real-time notifications about Jira issues updates;

  • provide feedback and ask questions without leaving Teams;

  • search Jira issues and embed cards into Microsoft Teams chats.

You can use Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector in two ways:

  • 2-way integration provides data flow in both directions. Users can access and interact with Jita issues directly from within the Microsoft Teams platform, and vice versa. Getting benefits from 2-way integration requires simple installation of our companion app Move Work Forward with Jira administrator. More details here.

  • 1-way integration provides data flows only one way from Jira to Microsoft Teams and you cannot interact with Jita issues in Microsoft Teams. To use 1-way integration you have to generate an Incoming Webhook URL for a particular Microsoft Teams channel.

Functionality description

2-way integration

1-way integration

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels

Pesonal notifications to 1-on-1 chat with the bot

Jira tab which allows track, create and update Jira issues from Microsoft Teams

Immediate actions on the Jira issue from notification cards (comments, log time, or changing the issue status)

Search and sharing Jira issues in Teams


Creation a Microsoft Teams channel from the Jira issue view


Get started guide for Jira administrator

How to set up notifications?

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