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Migration path from On-Premises to the Cloud for Azure DevOps Confluence Connector

This article provides all the information to migrate Azure DevOps macros from the Server/Data Center app to the Cloud.


Migration Steps

Step 1. Migrate Confluence content from Server/Data Center to Cloud

To start on this journey, it is recommended to rely on Atlassian's Cloud migration methods for Confluence to ensure a successful migration. If you use Atlassian Migration Assistant, go to Confluence administration on Confluence Server/Data Center under the Atlassian Cloud section.

After data migration, all Azure DevOps links will be present on the corresponding Confluence pages.

Step 2. Connect your Azure DevOps instance to your Confluence Cloud

For security reasons, we do not provide the migration of configurations created on the Confluence Server/Data Center. Therefore, you must set up the integration from scratch in Confluence Cloud.

To convert Azure DevOps links into macros, you must connect your Azure DevOps instance to your Confluence Cloud by creating integrations on the space or global level.

Currently, we don’t support personal settings in the Azure DevOps Confluence Connector for Confluence Cloud. More information can be found here: Azure DevOps Confluence Connector: Cloud & Server Differences

Step 3. Check your Azure DevOps macros on Confluence pages

Go to the Confluence pages, which include links to Azure DevOps entities. If created integrations provide access to necessary Azure DevOps organisations and projects, those links will automatically be converted into Azure DevOps macros.

Important to know:

  1. Not all macros available on the Server/Data Center version are currently supported on the Cloud. For more details, refer to the article Azure DevOps Confluence Connector: Cloud & Server Differences.

  2. The configuration parameters for each macro on the Cloud are different. Adjust the macro using the macro settings to suit your specific needs.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need help with migration, please contact our Support Team. Our dedicated team will answer all your questions and expertly guide you through the entire migration process.


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