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Keeping everyone informed without manual checking

Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector ensures informing about Confluence content updates, preventing delays caused by manual information checking.

Real-time notifications keep everyone on the same page, reducing the risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding:

  • The team can identify critical events or changes that should trigger notifications. These notifications contain concise information about the event, such as the page title, a brief description of the update, and a link to the updated Confluence page. The immediate access to updates enables more context to discussions and quick decision-making.

  • Team members can discuss the notification's content directly within the Teams channel. This allows for clarifications, comments, and questions about recent changes. There's no need to switch to another platform which reduces communication barriers and keeps the conversation flowing seamlessly.

  • Integration also enhances cross-functional collaboration. For instance, the marketing team can immediately know when a key design document is updated, and the development team can be informed about marketing campaign milestones. So all team members have access to the same information simultaneously, promoting transparency.

Integration set up by Confluence admin

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels

Personal notifications

Sharing Confluence content in Teams

How to comment on Confluence content from Teams?


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