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Efficient Project Monitoring and Issue Management

Integrate a Jira tab into a Microsoft Teams channel to provide a centralized and easily accessible view of Jira projects issues. This allows stakeholders to monitor project timelines, view updates, and track progress directly within the Teams.

Project stakeholders, including non-technical team members, usually need a consolidated view of Jira project progress without accessing Jira directly:

  • The Teams channel becomes a comprehensive workspace for both monitoring project progress and actively managing Jira issues. Team members can create and edit issues seamlessly within the collaborative Teams environment.

  • The Jira tab provides real-time updates, ensuring that stakeholders are always working with the latest information. Team members and stakeholders can quickly check the progress of various Jira issues and tasks directly from the Teams channel without switching between platforms.

  • Customizing the display of Jira issue fields allows you to show specific information that is most relevant to your team or project. This flexibility allows stakeholders to tailor their views and focus on the aspects of the project that matter most to them.

Jira tab in Microsoft teams

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels

Sharing Jira issues in Teams

Jira issue discussion channel


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