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Seamless Issue Sharing and Context Building

The integration enables easy sharing of Jira issues within Teams channels and chats. Project managers can provide quick summaries of Jira items directly in conversations, ensuring that the entire team has the necessary context without navigating away from Teams.

In a collaborative environment, team members often need to share Jira issues seamlessly within Microsoft Teams to provide context, seek input, or communicate updates.

  • Team members use the Microsoft Teams Jira Connector to seamlessly share Jira issues directly within Teams conversations. Jira issue card includes key details such as the issue summary, status, assignee, priority, project etc.

  • Once a Jira issue is shared in Teams, team members can initiate discussions around it within the same conversation thread. This creates a centralized space for communication-related to the specific Jira issue.

  • Team members can click on the generated Jira issue card to access more detailed information about the Jira issue by opening the link in Jira. This ensures that users have quick access to relevant context without leaving the Teams environment.

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Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels

Jira issue discussion channel

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