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Project management assistance

Linking Confluence project documentation to Teams aids project management efforts. Team members can access documentation, discussions, and updates, improving efficiency and coordination.

Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector simplifies the project management process by bringing together the capabilities of Confluence and Teams:

  • Within Microsoft Teams, dedicated project channels are created for different projects. The Confluence Connector is used to link relevant Confluence spaces or pages to these channels, allowing team members to easily access project documentation.

  • Team members can interact with Confluence pages directly from Microsoft Teams. For instance, if a project plan needs refinement, team members can discuss changes and provide feedback in the Teams channel, which is then reflected in Confluence.

  • Confluence Connector provides a search for specific Confluence content and share it with the rest of the team. They can add a brief description or context to the message to explain why the content is being shared. Sharing content within Teams conversations allows for immediate discussion and collaboration.

  • To keep everyone informed about project progress managers can set up notifications about the changes in Confluence content sent to Microsoft Teams channels. This ensures that everyone is aware of updates without needing to actively check Confluence.

Integration set up by Confluence admin

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels

Personal notifications

Sharing Confluence content in Teams

How to add Confluence Connector to the Microsoft Teams channel?

How to comment on Confluence content from Teams?


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