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Sharing Confluence knowledge base

Teams could use the Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector to share Confluence's content and receive notifications about important updates within Teams channels and chats. This promotes knowledge sharing and self-service among team members.

This integration of two platforms facilitates seamless access to and dissemination of important informational resources:

  • When a team member needs information, they can search for relevant knowledge base articles using keywords. The connector provides a search interface that fetches results from Confluence and displays them within Teams. Once relevant content is found, team members can share it with colleagues in Teams conversations.

  • The connector can be used to share training materials and onboarding guides from Confluence directly within Teams channels. This helps new employees quickly access resources and aids ongoing learning for the entire team.

  • Teams members can discuss Confluence content directly in Teams chats and channels. They can ask questions, leave feedback, seek clarifications, and share insights related to the content. This enables collaborative problem-solving: colleagues can share their experiences and insights related to the topic.

  • If the Confluence knowledge base article is updated, the connector sends a notification to the Teams channel or personal chat, informing team members about the change. Real-time notifications help teams stay updated without manual checking. This is beneficial for tracking progress, staying in the loop, and ensuring timely responses.

Integration set up by Confluence admin

Notifications to the Microsoft Teams channels

Personal notifications

Sharing Confluence content in Teams

How to add Confluence Connector to the Microsoft Teams channel?

How to comment on Confluence content from Teams?




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