In this guide you will find how to add Microsoft Azure DevOps entities to a Confluence document

Microsoft Azure DevOps Confluence supports the following macro:

  • Provide rich information about a single Microsoft Azure DevOps work item on the Confluence page.

  • Provide rich information about the results of Microsoft Azure DevOps saved search queries. You also can display only the result item count or the top N items. Allow shown data configuration for work item-related macro.

  • You can display/embed the Microsoft Azure DevOps project-level wiki documents.

There are 3 ways how to use the Confluence macro.

You can type / and start typing the macro name you want. If you are looking for Azure DevOps macro, you will name azure as shown below.

Another way is to use the editor menu on the top.

And the simplest (but least reliable) way is to add the link to the page directly. It does not work 100%, but when it does, it automatically converts to the macro.