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Preparing sprint retrospectives

Thanks for the opportunity to have detailed info about the pull request, issues, and milestones without leaving the Confluence platform your sprint retrospectives enable data-driven decision-making, promote transparency, and support continuous improvement within the team.


Including info about the pull request, issues, and milestones to the sprint retrospectives:

  • Provides objective information about the work completed during the sprint, allowing the team to base their retrospective discussions on factual data rather than subjective perceptions;

  • the team can accurately assess the progress and outcomes of the sprint to see the number of resolved issues, and other metrics that indicate the team's performance;

  • provide a visual representation of the team's progress, making it easier to spot trends, outliers, and areas that require attention.

Pull request information

Copy a link similar to this one - https://github.сom/facebook/react/pull/17484

GitHub Issue information

Copy a link directly to the issue

The list of the latest pull requests

The list of the latest issues

The list of the issues with specific filters

You can pass the parameters to the macro to apply additional filters. This is done using URL parameters macro parameter.

Here are some examples of parameter usage.


The supported parameters are described below.

milestone string

If an integer is passed, it should refer to a milestone by its number field. If the string * is passed, issues with any milestone are accepted. If the string none is passed, issues without milestones are returned.

assignee string

Can be the name of a user. Pass in none for issues with no assigned user, and * for issues assigned to any user.

creator string

The user that created the issue.

mentioned string

A user that's mentioned in the issue.

labels string

A list of comma separated label names. Example: bug,ui,@high


What to sort results by. Can be either created, updated, comments.

Default: created

Can be one of: created, updated, comments


The direction to sort the results by.

Default: desc

Can be one of: asc, desc


Only show notifications updated after the given time. This is a timestamp in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ.

Milestone information

Copy a direct milestone link like -

The list of labelled issues of a milestone

Set the filters in the dialogue of the macro. 

The parameters used are listed on GitHub in a table -

Save the macros to see the changes.


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